Post and Boost App Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for the Post and Boost App (“Statement”)

Updated January 5, 2024

  1. The Post and Boost App (“App”) is a Business Application, meaning it is a private web application available ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to the owner of Post and Boost, William A. Johnston, 9602 Casey Ct., Daphne AL (“Owner”), and authorized employees, contractors, and agents (collectively defined as “Users”) of Post and Boost Inc. (“Company”). The App is secured and available to Users with a Company-provided username and password. The App is a Business Application and is not open to the public or to customers of the Company (“Customers”). Customers purchase a service from the Company to create and post content to their Facebook Business Page (“Page”) for the purpose of describing and advertising the Customer’s products and services (“Services”). Those Services include Services for Post and Boost Full Service and Post and Boost QuickStart.
  2. Purpose of the App: The App is where Users create content for Company Customers to post on the Customer’s Facebook Business Page (“Posts”). The App gives authorized employees and agents of the Company the ability to construct a Post. Users have access to Customer Data (“Data”), pre-written copy conceived and created by the Company (“Scripts”), Customer photography (“Photography”), and movies (“MP4s”). Data, Scripts, Photography, and MP4s are assets (“Assets”). When constructing a Post, Users will have access to Assets and will also write advertising copy as needed to complete the construction of a Post. Once completed, the App will evoke the Facebook Graph API (“API”) and transmit the Post from the App to the assigned Customer's Facebook Page.
  3. Customer Data: Customer Data is manually entered into the App by a User. The Data is not entered by a Customer nor does a Customer have access to the App. Data includes Customer Facebook Page ID, Page URL, starting number of page likes, boost budget, URL to be used for Learn More button, Business Name, County Name, Area Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Primary and Secondary Phone Number, Positioning Statement, Advertising Slogan, Sales Names, Funeral Assistant Title, Direct Cremation Price, Year Business Started, Photography, MP4s, Cast Member Names, and Cast Member Titles.
  4. Deleting Customer Data: When a Customer is no longer a Customer of the Company, the Company shall delete the Customer Data. If a Customer chooses to no longer use the Company Services, the Customer shall contact the Owner and request to be removed from the App. Owner will remove the Customer Data from the App, and if requested, provide written certification.
  5. Credit Cards: Company does not electronically maintain Customer Credit Card information. Credit Card information is provided to the Company for Full Service Customers via dialog, email, text, or whatever way the Customer is comfortable providing the information. For QuickStart Customers, credit card information is willingly entered by a Customer using third party tools including but not limited to
  6. User Permissions: Users are granted access to the App owned and operated by the Owner and can be directed to 336-516-9163 or Owner is Owner of the Company. The Company may use its previous name, Now Mobile Media, Inc. to do its work on the Facebook Business Manager (Business Manager ID 374375136285328), a Verified business in the Facebook Business Manager.
  7. User Data: User data (“User Data”) is used to create a User. User data includes Name, Username, and Password. If a User is no longer an authorized employee or agent of the Company, the Company shall delete the User Data. If the User chooses to no longer be an authorized employee or agent of the Company, the User may contact the Owner, and the Owner shall delete the User Data.
  8. Compliance with Laws: Company has been in compliance with all applicable Laws since its creation in April 2000. There has been no investigation or review by any Governmental Entity with respect to the Company, nor is there any pending review of the Company. The Company is a North Carolina Corporation in good standing.
  9. Privacy: No Data is shared, used, or conveyed to other entities or third parties other than expressly stated in this Statement. Data is used exclusively by the Company to do its legally obligated work for the Customer. Data is private and confidential. Any breach of Data by any User shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of applicable laws.

Post and Boost, Inc. is not part of Facebook®, nor does it represent any affiliation, partnership, alliance or sponsorship. Post and Boost, Inc. DOES believe the most powerful way to reach your ideal customer is on Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Click here to read our app privacy policy.