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Post and Boost is a social media advertising service of Post and Boost, Inc. using the power of Facebook®. We’re experts at consistently creating effective posts using local, well-written copy and custom photography, then boosting them for results to our customer’s target demographic.

Post and Boost® offers an exclusive advertising service for funeral homes on Facebook. Our proven, effective system of messaging and photography brand their business and people, consistently promotes the benefits of securing pre-need services, increases the client’s local market reach and more.


Advertising Funeral Homes on Facebook

As a funeral home owner or operator, are you:

  • Confused by what Facebook is? It’s “social media”, but isn’t that confusing, too?
  • Always feeling awkward about what to say about your funeral home in mass media?
  • Wondering how you can promote your funeral home as easily as other businesses?
  • Curious to discover how funeral homes are successfully advertising on Facebook?

This book answers those questions for you!  Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why Facebook is just as big of a media and advertising platform, if not bigger, than what your local newspaper was in 2000.
  • How advertising works, and how to advertise on Facebook now.
  • Facebook loves stories, and because funeral homes have stories to tell, you will finally know what you can say in your advertising.
  • The Top 11 topics that resonate with Facebook readers, including easy-to-understand, real-world examples.

    “Advertising on Facebook with Post and Boost keeps us relevant in the communities we serve.”  ~ Dan Briggs, Owner, Davidson Funeral Home, Lexington, NC.


About the Author of Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes

Bill A Johnston is President of Post and Boost® Inc., a North Carolina-based agency that specializes in advertising on Facebook for funeral homes. His practice uses a proprietary software platform developed by his firm, which gives Post and Boost the ability to offer this custom service nationally. When you read the Facebook posts in Part 2 of this book, you’ll discover Bill has a very unique writing style for his clients. “When a Facebook user reads a funeral home post, we’re transferring a feeling, the kind of feeling that’s impossible to create using mass media. Because it’s a one-to-one media, we can get very personal, and since our clients sell personal services, Facebook works.”

Post and Boost, Inc. is proud to manage many prominent independent funeral homes. We write copy and produce photography on multiple topics including:

  • Pre-Need
  • General Branding
  • Facilities
  • Ownership
  • What it means to be a Funeral Director
  • Amazing Support Staff
  • Community Events and Activities
  • Cremation
  • The Power of a Visitation
  • History

During our process, we work to understand what makes your funeral home unique, then create ongoing copy and images that support your business in the market(s) you serve.

If you would like to learn more about Post and Boost or would like to become a Post and Boost certified photographer call 336-516-9163.


Post and Boost is a social media advertising service of Post and Boost, Inc., a North Carolina corporation. We “post” local, well written copy and photography or video, and “boost” posts using the power of Facebook to reach our client’s ideal customers.

If you would like to learn more about Post and Boost or become a customer call a Post and Boost representative at 336-516-9163.

Post and Boost, Inc. is not part of Facebook®, nor does it represent any affiliation, partnership, alliance or sponsorship. Post and Boost, Inc. DOES believe the most powerful way to reach your ideal customer is on Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Click here to read our privacy policy. Click here for terms and conditions.